STARAMBA Token Design and Lifecycle Explained by Staramba

In addition, selected professional investors will have the opportunity to secure early allocations of the STARAMBA currency (Token class A). Within STARAMBA.spaces, those who invest in the initial token offering of STT can buy, rent, sell, and create different parts of this world — using their right of pre-emption. By mid-2017, Staramba’s 3D database was launched as part of its preparation for VR applications. Only a month later, Staramba became the first operator of free photogrammetry scanners in the world, the 3D Instagraph Fusion.

However, it was in 2017 that Staramba decided to make a change that would lead it to where it is now; by selling its 3D factory and focusing on digital applications, Staramba propelled itself into a lucrative position in the virtual reality space. Due to our smart contract it is possible to directly split the amount of token into different shares. With the STARAMBA.Token these royalty reports cease as the licensor gets the amount right away. In comparison to other payment methods, the STARAMBA.Token enables us to make the payment directly in the virtual worlds for performing the payment.

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During the post-ILO phase, there are still certain restrictions in transaction volumes for large investors. These rules are necessary tools for a passive money supply control in the initial phase of public trading to avoid extreme volatility. This phase is distinguished from the previous phase by restricted trading within the STARAMBA.spaces ecosystem. STARAMBA.Tokens can be used for the purchase of an expanded STARAMBA.spaces goods and services offer.

  • Only a month later, Staramba became the first operator of free photogrammetry scanners in the world, the 3D Instagraph Fusion.
  • The STARAMBA.spaces ITO is going to blast off on June 20th so set your calendar and sign up for you Leondrino Wallet now to get your first bonus tokens and invites for referral bonuses.
  • The idea is the one to allow the fans to met their favorite celebrities and to the celebrities to reach the fans, letting them know their work closer.
  • Areas that will be available for the launch is the main hub, which is a departure point for every social VR experience, a place where users can date, chat and meet with friends.
  • Also if you are selling virtual goods or items inside your virtual world, this payment method is made for you.

For example – the focus on click through rate in the social media business has led to the growth of fake and sensational content which is now creating legislative hurdles and consumers backlash. Similarly the focus on exclusivity has driven Apple to create products that are not environmentally responsible. To reverse the consumer backlash – Apple is not thinking of letting the users replace the battery of the product. Staramba needs to focus on metrics that are consistent with the values and interests of the wider stakeholders. STARAMBA USA Corp., Delaware, is a full subsidiary company of STARAMBA Corporation, Florida, a recently founded American investment holding company for global digital merchandising. It holds 49 percent of the German technology holding STARAMBA GmbH, Berlin, which owns the IP address for the mobile body scanners.

Why may the STT Token Value increase when launching the STARAMBA.spaces platform in Q4 2018?

During the Initial Consumer Engagement Phase, supporters benefit from special marketing events, airdrops. Inviting friends and taking part in surveys and interaction as part of marketing calls are especially rewarded here. Since early support for the development of STARAMBA.spaces and the success of the Initial Token Offering (ITO) is particularly important, airdrops are bigger in the beginning rather than in the end of this phase.

Financial Services & Investing

Realistic – Are the targets set in the online marketing space and physical advertising space achievable. Do the company have enough resources to spend on advertising to achieve the targets. For example the targets in the online space may be very easy to achieve based on competitors’ analysis but the company may not have desired level of skilled employees in the online marketing department.

The 3D Instagraph’s cloud-rendering engine automatically generates high-resolution 3D models. It is a self-operating system that enables you to create professional 3D scans by just using the built-in touch panels. The Staramba Cloud Platform is a tool for users, owners and services providers. Users get access to various services like fitness, fashion and gaming applications that refer to your 3D model.

Staramba Positions Itself for the Future of Virtual Reality

After that the Staramba’s destiny is in our hands, it will be us to write the history of the world that it will become, the future that we would like to have in the reality with the infinite potentialities of the digital. Obviusly, all of this will be possible thanks to a VR viewer, like Oculus Rift DK2. And finally, Staramba.spaces allows for an unbelievable VR experience; a virtual place where you can meet and interact with a range of celebrities like Elvis Presley and many more, to only name a few. You can experience a virtual concert of your favorite band, take a private training lesson with your personal sports idol or become an actor inside a virtual movie scene with a real Hollywood star. Staramba.spaces is poised to become the ultimate proprietary social platform for unique celebrity experiences and true social interaction. In 2016, Staramba was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and continued to further expand its portfolio to include FC Barcelona.

Realistic goals are critical because –
If the goals are unrealistic then employees at Staramba will become demotivated to achieve the goals. Managers at all levels in Staramba should take the feedback of employees on the ground to set realistic goals. If the goals are unrealistic then the employees will lose confidence in the top management of the Staramba. what is staramba The second phase is called Seed Circular Economy and begins with the changeover of STARAMBA.Tokens of class D to Token class C (according to the Leondrino Standard). This phase is distinguished by the fact that henceforth the STARAMBA.Token can be used for the sale of an initially limited STARAMBA.spaces goods and services offer in the form of pre-orders.

STARAMBA SE presents its innovative product range at Gamescom, the world’s largest games trade fair

Many more areas will be available in the near future including a 360° movie dome, a real estate office, a casino dome, a casting dome and a sports bar. Staramba.spaces is composed of different areas, all represented by single islands arranged around a central meeting point. Areas that will be available for the launch is the main hub, which is a departure point for every social VR experience, a place where users can date, chat and meet with friends.

► ITO investors have a huge advantage when it comes to watching their tokens rise in value. Staramba is not a start-up hoping to scale and build something for the first time. They are a successful company that believes in the value of crypto and the ICO investment community to kickstart a game-changing project. Discover new companies using five search parameters, including sector, location, public/private company status, employee count, and annual revenue.

The Growth Circular Economy is the third phase of the STARAMBA.Token lifecycle, where there is a changeover from Token class C to Token class B. Virtual reality is expected reach all areas of social life in the next several years. In fact, Statista suggested that the augmented and virtual reality market size worldwide will increase from $6.1 billion in 2016 to $215 billion by 2021. Overstepping the time limits often results in – increasing financial costs, impact on the brand of the organization, employees demotivation, and decline in customer confidence.

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Can the organization improve the skill set of the current employees or it needs to hire highly skilled talent. Time based goal setting – Can the organization able to improve the outcomes on marketing spending in three months? The timely achievement is critical because the organization doesn’t want to miss the peak season. For example a retail organization needs to get its team firing in October November, before the holiday season rather than peaking in December January. ► The STARAMBA.token will be used for all transactions within their VR universe such as buying and selling goods and services in game — even a massive virtual real estate market! Connect, meet and follow lifelike 3D avatars of superstars, icons, friends, strangers.

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