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This certification validates your knowledge and skills in securing the AWS platform, giving you a competitive edge in the IT industry. The rising demand for cloud security professionals ensures numerous career opportunities. Additionally, certified professionals often command higher salaries. AWS certifications are globally recognized, thus increasing your professional credibility. Furthermore, the certification encourages continuous learning, keeping you updated with the latest in AWS and cloud security.


What’s more, it’s the top vendor IT leaders plan to invest in this coming year, with 46% in agreement. Nearly all IT leaders agree that certified staff add value to their organizations, with most saying aws certified security specialist in excess of $30,000 a year. And when you consider the monetary costs of preparing for and sitting the exam, the payback is quite substantive, especially how those returns show up for the organization.

what is aws certified security specialist

You must pay attention to IAM and the permissions you are always assigning. Keeping this in mind, the least privileged methodology will enforce this not only on accounts but also on the network and the different assets in the environment. You are supposed to determine where to fix it in the least amount of time/effort. The best way to accomplish this was to think about the problem backward. Welcome to our blog post on Boosting Your Career with AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification.

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The AWS test verifies a candidate’s ability to successfully show an understanding of the AWS platform’s security. The exam covers a range of topics like incident response, data protection, infrastructure security, and identity and access management. AWS Certified Security – Specialty validates your expertise in creating and implementing security solutions in the AWS Cloud. To fully understand and master all of the different services and security topics mentioned here will take a lot of time and effort. This blog post compiles 10 tips about the specific topics that candidates should master in order to take the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification exam.

AWS recommends a year of hands-on experience designing systems on its platform before taking the exam. To earn this certification, candidates are assessed on their ability to set up, configure, deploy, and ensure the successful operation of cloud solutions. Once achieved, it opens up doors to Google’s professional-level certifications, many seen elsewhere on this list. Certifications with a focus on cybersecurity or cloud computing tend to earn IT professionals higher salaries in part due to the sustained demand for these skills. Cybersecurity, in particular, continues to grow in importance to individuals and organizations as threats become more prevalent and severe — which also helps to drive up salaries for those with skills to combat them. The exam can include questions that require you to know specific details about AWS security services and their configurations.

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